Membership Benefits

Join the Institute of information management today and enjoy our value added benefits for individuals and corporate organisations:

Individual Benefits Corporate Benefits
  • Validate your information management knowledge, skill and practice
  • Optimize productivity, efficiency and quality of work
  • Opportunity to enroll for the Institute’s Professional Examinations/Certifications
  • Builds organizational capacity
  • Be more engaged in the profession
  • Enhanced corporate business process for better results
  • Increase your confidence and ability to do the job
  • Creates a positive corporate image
  • Learn best practices and lessons from the best in the industry
  • Mitigate risks
  • Get recognition for your qualification, experience, expertise and ability acquired from employers
  • Ensures corporate compliance
  • Remain current and competitive
  • Maintain good corporate information governance & control
  • Get on in your career, earn more money, gain more respect
  •  Enhanced accountability & transparency
  • Get a transferable credential
  •  Effective resource control & management
  • Join the community of professionals and network with peers
  •  Corporate competitive advantage
  • Use the institute’s acronyms; FIIM, SPMIIM, PMIIM, AMIIM, STIIM after your name.
  •   Access to a network of professionals for Marketing and product development 
  • Enjoy membership discount on local and international trainings, seminars, workshop and lectures.
  •  Mark of leadership in the Industry for Corporate organisations

Memberhip Rights and Privileges

Members in good standing are entitled to all rights and privileges associated with their membership in the IIM, such as:

  • Participation in all regular, general and special meetings of the IIM
  • Receipt of notice of meetings and synopsis of program topics;
  • Eligibility for election to the Executive;
  • Nomination and voting in the election of the Executive;
  • Recommendation of changes to the Constitution;
  • Right to vote on all proposed amendments to the Constitution;
  • Receipt of special consideration when applying to attend seminars, conferences, workshops, etc., sponsored by or available through the IIM; and
  • Access to sources of information that may be available through the IIM.