Code of Professional Practice

This Code of Professional Practice represents a relevant and useful set of guidelines which ensures that the profession of Information Management continues to play a vital, ethical, dynamic and valued role in contemporary business today. 

IIM Members should:

  • At all times discharge, allotted and accepted responsibilities as an Information Manager with integrity and observe those standards and practice that would be determined from time to time by the Institute of Information Management, Africa. 
  • Have regard for the wellbeing of the society; respect the confidentiality of information receivable in the course of their duties while acting loyally and honestly in carrying out Information Management policies of the organization. 
  • Engage in persistent learning to improve managerial expertise, standards, research and be in constant pursuit for new ideas and advances in technology. 
  • Give professional opinion with absolute objectivity and respect the codes of other institutes relevant to their responsibilities. 
  • Contribute towards the effective and efficient development of the Information Industry.  
  • Develop effective communication, understanding and cooperation between employees at all levels. 
  • Act with skill, competence and diligence.
  • Uphold the rules governing the information industry.